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This Bro’s ‘Cuddle And Watch Netflix’ Tinder Icebreaker Might Be The Smoothest Thing Ever


This guy wins everything, including a date with Noelle watching "Netfix".


What Your Sneakers Say About You

Promoted by Reebok

They say you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes.

daniel tosh

Daniel Tosh Asked His Twitter Followers To Roast Him And They Go ALL-IN With Insults


I'd LOVE to see a comedian as unhinged and mean as Daniel Tosh go all-in on Justin Bieber next week.

crazy stories

This Bro Drank So Much Soda As A Kid That His Veins Collapsed


Here's a little cautionary tale before you have that afternoon Diet Coke.

college partying

Move Over, Snapchat: College Kids Are Using An App Called ‘Yeti: Campus Stories’ For Pics Of Sex, Drugs, And Partying


If there's one thing college kids love more than sex and partying, it's making college Snapchats where they share their sex and partying.


Map Ranks The 10 States That Party The Hardest In America


Here at BroBible, we love partying and we love maps.

scott disick

THE LORD HAS RISEN: Scott Disick Pulls A ‘Rehab Is For Quitters’, Plans To Host A Party In Vegas


The other week some serious shit went down with Scott Disick: The Lord raged his face off until 8AM at Harrahs in Atlantic City (he was spotted in the lobby drunk off tequila without shoes), then he took a flight to Costa Rica to check himself into a rehab.

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