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Check Out This White Trash FHRITP Hieroglyphics Tattoo


FHRITP jumped the shark a long time ago, but it's a meme that just won't die to trashy American who just can't get enough of the mystery man in the hoodie.

key and peele

Key And Peele’s Exorcist ‘Make-A-Wish’ Skit Might Be Their Darkest One Yet


Just when you thought Key And Peele could never top the dark subject matter of their Family Matters sketch from last week, they go and imagine an sick, evil Make-A-Wish Foundation kid with a twisted last request.

The Avengers

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Teaser Trailer Finally Hits The Internet


Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is here to blow your collective minds.


This Bro’s Terrible Tinder Game Will Make You Cringe, Hard


Just a Tinder screengrab that blew up on Imgur earlier today and made me laugh because (A.

do you even lift bro

Strongman Talks About His INSANE 20,000 Calorie Diet, Can Deadlift 750-Pounds


29-year-old strongman competitor Robert Oberst is "by far" the strongest man on the West Coast.


24-Year-Old NYC Gym Teacher Megan Mahoney Faces SERIOUS Charges For Sex With Student


Earlier today, in a blog post about a similar naughty teacher story, my colleague J.


Hippie Living In A Bus In A Target Parking Lot Ends Stand-Off With Police Because He ‘Just Wants To Get Stoned’


I've been jogging my memory all afternoon, but I'm 85% sure I bought a veggie burrito off of this guy in the parking lot next to the Hartford Civic Center after a Phish show once.

ex girlfriends

World’s Most Desperate Guy Creates ‘I Love You, Shauna’ Website To Win His Ex-Girlfriend Back


I'm not sure what makes me more sad: The fact this guy can't move on with his life or the fact that he put all this time into making a website for a girl that probably shouldn't take him back.

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