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lisa ann

Darren Rovell Is A NARC, Tweets Notre Dame’s Sexual Code Of Conduct RE: Justin Brent Sleeping With Lisa Ann

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Every Bro in the world is collectively high-fiving Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Justin Brent about maybe/probably sleeping with porn star/college football fan Lisa Ann.

navy bros

This Badass Video About Navy F-18 Fighter Pilots Will Give You A Raging Freedom Boner


My fighter pilot buddy sent me this video for the 2014 Navy Hornet Ball the other evening and this morning I finally got around to watching it.


Rapper Stitches Offers ‘Cocaine’ To Audience At Concert Before His Wife Chases Him Off The Stage


Rapper Stitches is the mad man behind the unofficial song of the 2014 San Francisco Giants World Series run.

fight videos

VINE: LSU Bro Gets KO’D After A Punch To The Face Outside A Bar


No idea what these two were fighting about, but LSU being LSU, it was probably something insanely trivial, like who's dad owns the bigger car dealership.


Why Everyone Needs A Dog Right Now


My emotions are feeling pretty raw this morning after reading a heart-breaking news story about the dogs of the solider who died in the Canadian Parliament shooting.


Conan O’Brien Got BURNED When He Tweeted That He’s Going As ‘Slutty Madeleine Albright’ For Halloween


Best Twitter burn I've seen in a long, long time from the former Secretary of State.

video games

If Gamer Girls Acted Like Gamer Guys


“Sooooooooooooo sick and tired of these fake gamer guys.

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