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san francisco giants

This Vine Of The San Francisco Giants Celebrating Their World Series Win Will Give You Chills


The San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals in Game Seven to win their third World Series in five years.

video games

The Incredible ‘Halo 2 Anniversary’ Trailer Will Cause You To Nerdgasm


Earlier today Microsoft dropped the incredible cinematic trailer for Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

white trash

Is Jelly Roll’s ‘Yippie Ki Yay’ The Next Great Redneck White Trash Anthem?


Is it just me or has it been a long time since we've had a shameless, unabashed white trash anthem that malt liquor-drinkin', Timber Wolf-snuffin' rednecks of the world can rally behind.

cat calling

This ‘Daily Show’ Segment Perfecting Describes Why Cat-Calling Women Is ALWAYS Wrong

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The big thing to hit the Internet yesterday was a viral video of an actress walking around New York City getting cat-called by men over 100 times.

gopro videos

This GoPro Video Of A Lioness Hunting A Buck Is INCREDIBLE


Zoologists Kevin Richardson -- known as "The Lion Whisperer" -- has bar none one of the coolest jobs on the planet.


This Frat Bro Parody Of The Fireball Wedding GoPro Video Gets Dark Fast


The Fireball GoPro wedding video was just begging to be parodied.


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