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Brandon Cohen was raised by Jew gypsies on the sleepy island of Manhattan, and went on to defy the odds by graduating from a four-year accredited university in Nashville, TN. He's a writer and aspiring street fight videographer. Back in 2008, Brandon talked to Amanda Bynes at a club in LA for over fifteen minutes.
This "full house" was full of tears and sadness.
They had questions, we have answers.
All fun and games until one friend shoots the other friend in the face.
UCLA students gotta up their courtesy flush game.
Bachelorette just got real.
Who needs Tinder when you have computer paper and masking tape?
Big day for blackout drunks acting like idiots.
This kid went full Dirk Diggler.
Legs weren't the only thing being stretched during the 7th inning.
No sweet tea as bait needed here.
What is this event and why was I not invited?
Sweet mother of God...
I'll have what he's having.
I could watch a forty minute version of this.
Their headline writer is the voice of a generation.
This is a helluva way to introduce yourself to a new team.
It turns out that fire and grain alcohol are a dangerous combo.
This could be a good trailer for Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing 2
Who could've guessed that an escort would be a big pain in the ass?
Albert Einstein is both alive AND murdering the dance floor.
Ah, to be young again.
Did you know Dan was banned from the entire state of Utah?
You think you know someone... until you don't.
Not sure what this guy's endgame was...
The starting lineup looks like a big group of pedophiles.
You come at the door, you best not miss.
Step 1: Get Engaged.
WOW – two shitty fan bases have joined up for one awful festival! The Electronic Sriracha Festival¬†will take place Labor […]
"Put me down for one The Great Assby."
There's no sex quite like post-baby dinosaur theft sex.
Bro on bro violence at an all-time high over at Huntington Beach.
Gettin' the vibe that this guy likes pizza.
Severe disadvantage for the KKK considering all the best candy is black.
Kinda depresses me that I'll never be this badass.
This is the best audition tape for Celebrity Rehab I've ever seen!
I'm assuming their first dance was Gangnam Style.
Love the casting decisions over at Pixar right now.
Looking fragile, but otherwise in good spirits.
Instagram must have a fold limit on pics that this girl exceeded.