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5 Real Life Moments That Could Use ‘The Pump’

Promoted by Reebok

"Life moves pretty fast.


The ‘Get Hard’ Official Red Band Trailer Is Here


"When life gives you dick, you make Dickade" If this movie gives us nothing else besides that quote, I'm completely ok with that.

college football

Don’t Worry About Jameis Winston, He’s Already On Twitter Laughing His Ass Off Over Yesterday’s Loss


Jameis Winston had a tumultuous 2014 (for a multitude of reasons) and didn't start 2015 off on the best foot either.


Old And Busted: Your Workout Routine. The New Hotness: Whatever The Fuck This Guy Is Doing.


If you're not juggling during your runs, you're only shortchanging yourself, bro.


These Female NYPD Officers Are In Trouble For Posting Hot Selfies While Wearing Their Uniforms On Instagram


Several female NYPD officers just learned that posting selfies online is fine so long as the selfies you're posting online are not of you in your department-issued uniform.

elevator pranks

This Elevator Scare Prank Almost Killed A Pregnant Woman


Two step process on how to know if you should stop doing pranks: 1.

paris hilton

Paris Hilton Just Posted An Instagram Of Herself Wearing Nothing But Stiletto Boots And I Can’t Say I Hate It


Say what you want about Paris Hilton, but you can't deny that the girl's got a bangin' body.

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