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About Boatshoe Bobby... If you call me Robert I'll punch you smooth in the genitals. Also, I make a tasty paella. And boatshoes...I wear a lot of boatshoes.

You Will Never Screw Up As Bad As This Guy On Tinder Who Was Less Than 5 Seconds Away From A Threesome


Tinder is the best way to meet random people who are attractive, since meeting attractive people in real life is hard.


‘If Girls Proposed to Guys’ Mocks Just How Ridiculous Society Has Become With Expensive Engagement Rings


YouTube Do you think the idea of spending tens of thousands of dollars on an engagement ring is a ridiculous notion.

eva mendes

Remember How Eva Mendes Denied Being Pregnant? Well Eva Mendes Had A Baby Girl Who Would Beg To Differ


A couple months ago we told you how Eva Mendes was supposedly several months pregnant.


This Video Hilariously Shows How One Cruddy DJ Can Ruin Your Entire Night Out


No one likes it when the drop on a song sucks; it puts you from "rage face" to "sad face" in.


Rutgers Fan Welcomed Himself To The Big Ten With An Impossibly Stupid Suntan


Rutgers' first game as a member of the Big Ten turned into a heartbreaking affair.

2014 miss america

Kathy Ireland Asked Miss Florida How She Felt About Janay Rice’s Decision To Stay With Ray Rice After He Hit Her


YouTube Kathy Ireland went for the Awwwwwwwwkward Moment of the Night Award at last night's Miss America pageant by specifically calling out Janay and Ray Rice's situation in a question she posed to Miss Florida.

ray rice

Rutgers Fans Show Support For That Alumni Who Punched His Wife In The Face


This afternoon, Rutgers took on Penn State in New Brunswick, NJ.

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