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Boatshoe Bobby is many things — ravenous lover, poet, the the self-proclaimed king of paella — but most of all, he is a slave to his own existence. Also, an owner of boatshoes.
Hating is therapeutic. Maybe?
A funky adventure.
...Because Jimmy Fallon helped her do the Ice Bucket Challenge.
Not in a million years.
It's not possible.
What else is there that you need to know?
There is no such thing as "too revealing."
Wonder if Lindsey has a token fat friend who they make sit on the sidelines during these photo shoots?
Oh boy.
Why is she on a pirate ship?
Fighting Foo and ALS.
No words.
Gotta support the team.
More like John McCan't dance for shit, AMIRIGHT?
Hit me baby one more time.
Miley's hashtag game is on point #makeshithappen #donate #itaintaboutthepourinitsaboutthepayinandawareness
Sup, Kaley?
Keep 'em coming.
Getting old < Not getting old
#1 Selena fan right here.
Jenny from the Block's still got it.
A dream come true.
No hate here.
Oh and she's on a boat too. Just 'cus.
She's so fancy.
Mondays aren't so bad after all.
Is that ice water or is he working on flopping this offseason?
What a one-upper.
I love technology.
That's a lot of for ALS. Good job, girls.
If you're not part of that 82% then you and I probably wouldn't be very good friends.
All denim + all the time = Sex bomb status.
Balls of steel.
This looks very painful.
Don't try this at home, or anywhere else for that matter.
Look at these.
Yep, a-okay with me.
Just kidding, yes you will.
Well that was pointless.