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roll tide

Man in Alabama Pajamas Arrested on Drug Charges, Offers ‘Roll Tide’ As Defense


Alabama played host to a big drug bust early yesterday morning, and a local news team was ON THE SCENE.


Look at These Bros Yelling ‘Freedom!’ at the President


The Secret Service faced the greatest threat they'll probably deal with today: bros.

World Cup 2014

The Brazilian Subways Are Nightmare Fuel Just a Few Weeks Before World Cup


São Paulo's transportation system is dangerously overcrowded.


Bill Hader to Star in His Own HBO Show, Which Should Be Terrific


If you didn't already think HBO knows what the hell it's doing, this year it gave Mike Judge and John Oliver their own shows.


Here are the Most Selective Colleges in Each State


Julliard, Notre Dame, Albany State University, and BYU-Hawaii: What do these vastly different colleges have in common.


Watch an MMA Fighter Tap Out So He Wouldn’t Keep Hurting His Opponent


When you see the title of a video like this, you might think—like me—that the MMA fighter in question was screwing with his opponent.

late night tv

Watch Conan Learn Special Effects by Taking a Samurai Sword to the Belly


Conan had stunt man and martial artist Steven Ho on the show last night.

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