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A-Mac is a regular columnist for BroBible. He is a disillusioned recipient of a journalism degree from the University of Maryland. During his free time, he indulges himself in navel lint collecting, Baltimore sports, self-loathing, and those questionable mini tacos from 711.
Disconnecting is healthy.
Don't make rookie mistakes, even though you are a rookie.
Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing,
Follow the arbitrary rules we've set up for you.
Dominate summer.
Minus the need for slathering on sunscreen.
Like you know, whatever.
It's nice out, brah.
It's fun-bro-mental
Because it's too hot to be outdoors.
Dear 18-year-old, naïve, longhaired, tie-dye-headband-wearing self,
The cold truth is that I graduate in 15 days, 2 hours, and 36 minutes.
Time and time again, I’ve heard people say they don’t like movies.
“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind."
I love social media.
Have you ever been to PCB for a week?
You probably will not...
1. There’s a snowball’s chance in hell you’re ever going to class if the lecture slides are online.
Here are five weird, semi-harmless, and amusing things to accomplish before all innocence is lost forever:
I’ve never really been much of a philosophizer. I took one intro-level course on free will for a week, switched […]
I hate sounding like a whiny twentysomething cliché from Girls or Friends or any of that shit, but it genuinely […]
As you progress through your undergraduate career, there is one oxymoronic truth that becomes abundantly clear: nothing is honest in college. There is nothing honest
When we get really sick for an extended period of time, most of us mope around and pout. We lament that we never appreciate how
I’m not too much of a narcissist considering I’ve lost every fight I’ve ever been in, but I generally consider myself to be pretty funny.
Every area of culture has its one pride and joy. When we took lit classes growing up, we heard the phrase “Great American Novel” while studying
My buddy’s 21st birthday was this past Saturday. Let me be clear, this kid gets more hilariously smashed than anyone I’ve ever seen—the kind of
I find many things disturbing. Things so shrouded in tradition that we forget how unsettling they are when viewed literally: Children sitting on an old man’s
It’s no secret that life sucks pretty much all the time. We don’t exist in the sheltered happy-go-lucky Leave it to Beaver world where all
Of course most of you will disagree with me because this is, well, the Internet, but Thanksgiving is exponentially better than Christmas. As you grow
I never took Greek or Latin, but there is one language lesson my principal told my entire high school class on the first day of
This past weekend, I visited my cousin in Tuscaloosa. The cherished model-American football program of the University of Alabama was up against the LSU Tigers.
It’s a rare and shitty occasion, but we sometimes have to be sober at social gatherings. We have to awkwardly stand around and drink straight Mountain
It’s been said over and over again since we first saw that pair of khakis ominously fall from the sky in the pilot. Breaking Bad
If you don’t "know" Reddit, think of it this way: Google is where people go to search for things. Reddit is where you go to see the things
Asphyxiating yourself with a piss rag is better than I-695 at rush hour You’ve known this your entire life. It’s been imprinted in your brain and
Don’t listen to that crazy mohawked chick who’s been an Internet plague for the past few weeks. God’s not the only one who can judge
It's back in the saddle, boys. Some of you are out of last year’s hobbit-hole dorm room with that roommate who smells like sour cheese,
Note: We sent University of Maryland student A-Mac back to College Park to tell us what a dead college town is like over the summer.
As yet another summer movie season begins to draw its curtains, we are forced to look back in remorse at the
If there’s one thing that Vine has proven in its short history, it’s that a goofball with a smartphone and creative