The best way to resolve any conflict.
"You we're my baby, my fuckin' cinnamon apple!"
Hulk score.
I wonder how much did 50 Cent paid her to do this.
He bends ... people's brains.
The answer is pretty simple and should be apparent for anyone with half-a-sense-of-decency,
The look. It's back.
Can't get any dumber than someone trying to walk through Customs at the airport with FOOD.
This Snapchat story -- uploaded to YouTube -- shows how turnt things got at Chico.
Should I be murdered, scour Taylor Swift fan sites to find my killer.
Kirill Was Here is a nightlife photographer who brings the fun with him wherever goes.
LA Bros! We have an opportunity to make some $$$$.
Stick to throwin' cake, dude.
Because why not.
They pay you for a summer and you become a walking billboard for life.
RIP to one of the most iconic graffiti spots in the world.
She woke up like this.
I'd rather have a ghost, honestly.
Depending on your feelings about '90s reboots, this is either HUGE news or extremely frustrating news.
Ouch x 1,000,000
You don’t get the nickname “The Swiss Superman” by accident. WWE superstar Cesaro stopped by the Supertraining Gym in Sacramento, […]
I've seen better tackling in flag football.
No one cares.
You've got time to kill, don't lie.
Who could have seen this coming?
Kristin Cavallari is one of the hottest MILFs to ever MILF.
We just received this map created by Clover, which is an app that allows you too meet singles who have the […]
Slick Joe.
Whether you think it's smart or stupid, Suge Knight is staying real to the streets about getting shot.