Here are some scenes that -- if they hadn't been left on the cutting room floor -- would have changed everything, for better or worse.
It's not enough for your country to build one of the world's tallest buildings.
Ever want to chat with Superbad legend Christopher Mintz-Plasse or 21 Jump Street star Dave Franco or hilarious comedian Jerrod Carmichael?
As the poetic masterminds the Baha Men once said, “A doggy is nothing if he don’t have a bone." So what’s the quickest way to
About 97.2% of all college bros in this world choose our school for one reason: the chicks.
Ford gonna Ford.
If you must.
Close call.
It's all fun and games until you start to destroy a random person's property.
Poland. Where you don't need an excuse to do idiotic things in broad daylight.
Woooah... Emmy Rossum just might have some of the hottest legs in the world. Check out these pics of her rockin' short shorts...
Think going to the movies alone is for losers? Yeah, well how does having BOTH arm rests and no one talk to you sound?
Strong man is strong.
Nice work, Cameraman.
On out of character Stephen Colbert hit the Late Show last night as a guest of the man he will be replacing in 2015.
Gotta look fresh.
"I feel the POWER w within me. My core is shred and my the delts are the tops."
Present meets future.
Two things you never want to hear from a lady: "Wait... When did I eat corn?" and "all I've been eating in kale chips and
You've got to be kidding me.
Have a drunk e-mail that you regret sending to your boss? BRO.... THERE'S STILL A CHANCE. These Gmail hacks are lifesavers... Know them, live by