"I feel the POWER w within me. My core is shred and my the delts are the tops."
Present meets future.
Two things you never want to hear from a lady: "Wait... When did I eat corn?" and "all I've been eating in kale chips and
You've got to be kidding me.
Have a drunk e-mail that you regret sending to your boss? BRO.... THERE'S STILL A CHANCE. These Gmail hacks are lifesavers... Know them, live by
Ummmm? Yes.
Yo, how have those kids who give college tours walk backwards all the time? Seriously, they are like cats.
Equals a very promising tease of MAYBE?! an upcoming Carls Jr. photoshoot.
Laughing at the sexism of yesteryear is always a blast.
And your childhood is ruined.
By far the best Billy on the Street video in Billy on the Street history.
If you walk across the famous Pont-des-Arts bridge in Paris, you just might run across a blacked-out Charlie Sheen
Joan Rivers is a National Treasure.
What an insufferable douchelord.
Gives new meaning to the phrase conceal and carry.
Football is a super-brutal game.
I can't even. Literally dying.
Hard facts.
If It Fits Your Macros. Get learn't
Woah. Fathers... Be very worried if your daughters go to the University of Arizona.
This makes no goddamn sense.
How many f-bombs were dropped in Los Santos? Glad you asked.