I assure you that this was not just some fever dream.
#11: Rocking the lanyard from freshman move-in ALL. YEAR. LONG.
Insert Happy Gilmore line here.
The Internet was quick to laugh at Taylor Swift's new music video/single “Shake it Off” when it debuted yesterday. D
Here's some ill-ass frisbee tricks.
"Breaking Breakfast."
"Where's my burrito! Where's my burrito! Where's my burrito!"
From way downtown.
Because why not.
Like just, awful.
You're free now, Drunk Chick! You're free!
Wet girls...bouncing.
Fighting Foo and ALS.
This father is the spawn of some hell demon.
Avoid these rookie mistakes, Bros.
Booze you can eat? Booze you can eat.
Back together ... at last?
Finances must be tight.
Nobody likes a linger-er.
For his latest single, Gazzo, remixed “Changes” by 2Pac.
Wait. This wasn't Dan Bilzerian?
No words.
No. Just no.
Eggs are cool and all, but this is weird.
Gotta support the team.
More like John McCan't dance for shit, AMIRIGHT?
Bros... TomorrowWorld is around the corner and we have the hook-up for one lucky BroBible reader.
The Sopranos did it constantly. An episode ended with an insane moment that which would shake the ground around Tony’s […]