Artist Anna Gensler was on Tinder for six month, constantly be berated by Bros who she felt were objectifying her on the hook-up app.
Hey ravers: Anthony Bourdain is sick of your shit.
As the YouTube video says, "You can't get naked unless you put clothes on first."
We're all hypocrites in a way.
Are you a heady Bro who wears Patagonia fleeces and likes chicks, dips, and rips?
Ow ow ow.
Today in wait, what?
Don't look at me. I don't know.
Good run while it lasted, Bros... As you were.
This is how the member of the Duke University Track and Field team plan on getting laid: By lip-synching One Direction's "You Don't Know You're
Prepare to be broke this summer.
Just preposterous.
Kate Upton. Live with Kelly and Michael. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.
Bros love food. We might not need to Instagram it every time we eat, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love tanking down a rack
Ever want to chat with Superbad legend Christopher Mintz-Plasse or 21 Jump Street star Dave Franco or hilarious comedian Jerrod Carmichael?
Kanye actually called Franco to ask if he'd perform the video at his wedding in France later this year.
Very fascinating article over at Policy Mic breaking down the specific songs the CIA and U.S. Military personnel used to psychologically torture terror suspects.
It seems like just yesterday I covered Vaginal Knitting and now we've got "PlopEgg Painting"
What girl wouldn't want to be treated to a steak dinner on day one?
There is, in fact, method to this madness.
If you're a true Bro, you're probably already following a lot of hot chicks on Twitter.
Where the hell is "Pervert Dave" when you need him? Oh, right...