"You're more perf than Starbucks and yoga pants." Coming from a basic white girl, that's pretty perf.
He tried is best.
There are two things yuppie New Yorkers are obsessed with: Artisan, freshly baked cupcakes and working those calories off with whatever trendy fitness routine
People helping people.
Just watch.
Akbar Gbaja-Biamila was PUMPED.
Brains don't work anymore.
...Because Jimmy Fallon helped her do the Ice Bucket Challenge.
Little Leaguer Alex Barker makes incredbile catch .
This is NOT a good look, Ferguson. Really not a good look at all.
"Do you hashtag when you text?" Because if you do, that's a dealbreaker.
Like all professional hustles, sometimes you just need to level out.
I have to return some videotapes.
This is certainly one way to go about sweeping everything under the rug.
Nick Offerman is a hero to Bros everywhere.
Very terrified. Veryfied
Not in a million years.
Railroad tracks are the battleground of choice for Brits.
Johnny partied his brains out.
Joe Dirt ain't dirt poor.
Forbes has released its now-annual Electronic Cash Kings 2014 list ranking the biggest earners in the EDM world.
It was that intense.
Stop it.
It's not possible.
What else is there that you need to know?
Terrible idea.