Summer is tick, tick, ticking away.
Like the Nic Cage-John Travola movie.
Because the world isn't creepy enough already.
The dystopian future is surprisingly gorgeous.
Including the infamous 'Tyrion dancing' scene.
And a drink.
Mickey Mantle has been dead for 92 years.
Unconfirmed, but well-sourced ish.
Roombas equipped with knives battle til the death!
It's perfect.
This Gators fan wears a very odd Florida shirt and Will Muschamp approves.
How nice of him.
Check out the leaked "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" trailer and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.
America's foremost aggregator of Nina Agdal's Instagram account.
You may be able to outrun a cop, but you can't outrun a taser.
It's everything you once loved.
This is crazy enough to be amazing.
These five girls just got Ray Rice-d big time.
Watch Jon Hamm spit pretzels, pumpkin pie and Pabst at Jimmy Fallon.
Tour de France biker Bartosz Huzarski posted an intriguing and/or unbelievable and/or disgusting photo of his veiny legs.
Facebook: Can't with without it, kinda sorta hate yourself for living with it. Watch this video.
Summer is a time for rest, relaxation, and chillin' with your buddies.
Real fair competition here.
The NFL is back!
Twitter is exploding today in rage this afternoon after Stephen A Smith said some really not-smart things about domestic violence this morning and the "elements
Here are the facts: Rice has been indicted on aggravated assault charges.
Free > not free.
If there's one lifehack you need to learn today, make it this one. This guy has mastered how to peel an orange without making a