Last night, around 12:43AM, I had a huge craving for Pizza Hut.
Peak Celebrity Winning the Internet Behavior.
I don't pretend to know or care about guns. BUT... This video is super badass.
You have no idea how hungry I am for brisket right now.
He's like a normal person.
Because why stop?
This man is a hero to all us short guys of the world.
Our #1 favorite sports reporter Allie LaForce just dominating this list...
You need to be watching this show.
If you were born in the mid/late 80s, then these movies are a must watch every time you flip past them on ABC Family while
Like I said, this iceberg looks like batman
Today marks the end of an era.
Their headline writer is the voice of a generation.
Standing ovation.
The best game ever.
Have you ever lost your sense of direction this badly when drunk?
Talk about serious ninja moves.
You could probably put that on your resume'.
We just got our hands on a pair of the adidas Energy Boost 2.0 ESM shoes and they are everything […]
How can you not love a chick who knows how to turnt up like this?
The lamest 7 year-old you've ever seen.
Solid apology.
Not all chicks are "dateable."
Better start saving.
So turnt.
It seems like everyone on the planet is obsessed with sexting these days, even though it's probably against their better judgement.
Which is better, eating all the food in your kitchen or talking to random people?
Went down in Russia. So you know someone died.
A very important skill.
If getting old is cool, consider me Miles Davis.