Summer is beginning to mellow. Can you feel it in the air? We have a perfect mix for just that...
Film director Zack Snyder challenged his co-stars Carla Gugino and Malin Akerman from Watchmen to the Ice Bucket Challenge.
Randy Orton is back from his pity party on Raw and kicks off the WWE Smackdown results with a promo […]
Matt Simms gets his groove on .
Raiders First round pick has been having a great game vs the Packers on Friday , before the half Mack […]
Suh with another late hit
Former NBA Player and Puerto Rican Bastetball Player showed that he can still compete with NBA players after he put […]
Run Reggie Run
It turns out that some of those ridiculous sex myths turned out to be terrifyingly close to the truth.
If only there were a dating show which mixed the nightmare fuel that is the blue man group with the […]
Weird way to start the school year for one NYC college student.
Athletes are using Tinder just as much as you Bros are...
This is a good way to ruin your NFL career before it even begins.
Men and women do things differently throughout their daily routine and here's a video about it.
A fine from the NFL Front Office was inevitable.
Spoiler: Everything is in California.
The Bro paradise of Manasquan on the Jersey Shore is the second best place to party on summer weekends after Dewey […]
Decisions, decisions.
Just admit it, Bros - You thought she was hot that time your girlfriend made you watch The Devil Wears Prada.
If you share the Rebel Soul like yours truly, sometimes you just have to get out of the house and get stoned somewhere you really
Damn. I'd say "Chris Martin, what were you thinking?" but then again...
Personal Space Invader.
Roads? Where the Biebs is going, he doesn’t need roads. Technically, he does, because he’s driving a Can-Am Spyder around […]
Disconnecting is healthy.
Bros love to make fun of girls who do stereotypical "basic" shit, like wear yoga pants, Ugg Boots, North Face fleeces, and go to Starbucks
There's no better way to end the work week.