Ouch .
Ready to get your face melted, Bros? Seriously trippy stuff.
WARNING: Stupidity ahead.
This is a lousy way way to start the school year at Arkansas State.
Ever thought about moving to Los Angeles? Think again.
Where did we go wrong, America?
Not going to lie, this chick has more artistic talent than I ever will.
So true it hurts.
It's not the best music.
0/10 would not eat there.
This is really big news.
This has always been the worst fear with the Ice Bucket challenge.
I see a lot of pain behind those eyes.
Milk N Cookies are Chicago natives that have put out good music consistently this summer.
Everyone Loves Chris .
Answer: Yes, yes he did.
Is frat rap ready for a comeback?
Hating is therapeutic. Maybe?
cc Bollywood
Back in July we posted a video of a Tennessee man breaking down the hot-crazy matrix that men having been using […]
In which Hugh Jackman deadlifts 400-pounds to remind us that he does, in fact, lift, Bro. And he lifts an impressive […]
No pain no gain.
A funky adventure.
Come one, come all! We've got trophies just for showing up!